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Larry's CX500 project

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A year ago I started working on another full resto project after I finished my GL650I. On the old forum it was called "Not a Good beginning" After I got started on it (08-2009) I started to get swamped with total restorations and projects from a local bike shop as well as carb jobs. In the last year I have restored 6 bikes completely and 5 near total rebuilds. Since they were paying jobs, of coarse mine took the back seat.

These are a few I do have pictures of,

And A 72 CB450 And of coarse a dirt bike for the kids. There are more, but you get the idea. I got busy.

I got the frame and all the components painted as well as 90% of all the polishing done, that included the new reverse rims and all the electronics and controls, before the rush started in a couple weeks. But then it went to the side and was ignored. Over the next few months I was able to at least build a new engine for it since the original one had a blown piston. Everything inside the engine is new if I could get it. All new bearing shells, pistons, rings, vale guides, (bronze) the triple bypass stuff was done too as well as porting the heads. I even found time to paint the engine with automotive paint while I did some paint work on one of the restorations. This way if anything spills on the engine it won't stain the paint.

Well, after I retired in April of this year I have been able to get caught up with everything, including finishing my Carb rebuild book and getting it printed and ready to sell. Now, finally I'm getting back to work on my CX500D project. 2 days ago I pulled everything back out and started assembly. Since the frame and suspension has been together for a while, and the engine was done, it didn't take much for me to get going and put the 2 together. After that I just had to see what it was all going to look like mocked up. I bought one of the Eagle Screens with the flared lips to deflect the air and was jazzed to see what it all looked like together.

I really like it so far. I have always wanted one of the euro style shields on one of my bikes.

Now I'm working on the exhaust system. I have Sportster pipes going on it. But the Hbox needed to have the rear attachments replaced due to being rusted out. I went to the muffler shop and had them make a couple flanges for me to work with. After getting them cut down to length and cutting the slots in them, I machined a new sleeve that will weld to the front of the pipes so that they will slip in and seal the way the stock pipes do. It took a while, but I think it's worth it. Everything is ready to start welding together now. So after rebuilding a set of carbs that came in the mail for me to do today, I'll get it going and show you how it all looks with the exhaust on it. I just hope all these pictures were put in right!

It's been a long time but I'm really excited to be working on it again. I need to get it finished though because the waiting list is growing for bikes waiting to come in and get restored.
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picture of engine

is that a little knick in the top of the piston there Larry?
It's just a tiny one! I don't think anyone would notice do you!
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It's just a tiny one! I don't think anyone would notice do you!
This ia a stupid question but that thing didn't run like that did it?
Believe it or not yes. I bought 2 bikes sight unseen a year and a half ago. This was one of them. Before I tore it apart I wanted to see if it ran. It did, but as you can guess not too well.
I'm just curious how the paint will look on this beauty.
All I know so far is that the two main colors will be black and red, with a silver metallic 3D design strip of some kind. I haven't sat down and figured out the exact layout yet.
OK the exhaust is done. Welded the new ends on the HD pipes, And the new flanges on the Hbox. No picture though. Forgot to take one. After painting it with VHT and baking it in the oven I went on to making the mounts for the pipes. I've found that using the stock bracket and cutting it in half, I welded it to the pipe when they were mocked up in place. and painted it with VHT too.

Doing the system this way ensures it won't have those annoying leaks. And I think it comes out looking stock, if you've never seen one before I guess.

Tomorrow I'll start hooking up the wiring, rear brakes, and controls. I need to build a set of carbs for it still, but that has to wait till the set on the bench is done for Shoreride.
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Hey cheers Larry. I'm excited to put those carbs in. Your bike is looking sharp.

That windlip from Eagle Screens looks great. I've had my eyes on that one for awhile.
Well, after a few days now I have it running. But not without a hiccup. You know how it goes don't you? A project sits around a while and you go back to work on it a few times off and on. Your pretty sure you covered everything but there's always that thing in the back of your mind that keeps nagging at you. Well, I worked my way from the front to back hooking everything up, polishing the clamps, wiring it all up, etc...etc... Everything is done, I have spark, oil is circulating, hmmm, can't think of anything else. So lets put coolant in it and start it up. Filled up the radiator and went to mix more to put in the reservoir tank when I heard what the nag was trying to tell me. I FORGOT the O-rings on the chrome water pipe! CRAP, I hate antifreeze too. It sticks to everything it touches. Sooo, drained out what was left and did the O-rings. Take about humbling!

Moving forward, I got that done and hooked up the gas bottle and she fired right up. A little sluggish at first due to everything in the engine being new but it settled in and smoothed out in about a minute. Nice and quiet too.

Here is proof. It's running and I hadn't even balanced the carbs yet.

As some of you know I tend to polish everything. When I started cleaning up the CDI unit one thing lead to another and, well, yep, polished it too. I couldn't help myself.

I discovered a neat trick while I was getting the coils ready to mount. As with most of these old coils the rubber grommet on the HT where it goes into the coils always seams to be dried out and cracked. I had the plug caps on the bench and notice the grommets on the ends that the wires go into were ok. SO I dug out another set and pulled them off. They fit perfctly on the base of the coils. Problem solved.

The next thing I'm trying is a rear brake lever from a GL650. They are an inch longer and I figure a little more leverage may help in the rear brakes. They have the same shoes in the 650, so why not try there upgrade on the CX500? We'll see how it goes when it's on the road. I may need the help slowing it down now that it has the 650 clutch in it.

Tomorrow I'll hook up the front dual piston caliper brakes and then it's on to getting all the bodywork ready to paint. There are more pictures of the build here on my photobucket sight. It's moving along well so far. I just hope the paint job moves along as smoothly as the assembly did.
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Looking good. It's a shame that the cdi box has to be covered.
awesome larry, that screen looks very nice,might have to invest in one of those
Don, I need for it to stay hidden anyway. That way folks won't know about my addiction!

Thanks phanton. I'm looking forward to seeing just how much wind it deflects.

I'm getting ready to bleed the front brakes right now. Then it's on to bodywork and paint.
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The front brakes are done. And I have to say it always amazes me just how good these brakes work when I use a SS brake line. After bleeding them and tying the lever down for the night, I cut the zip tie off to find that full lock on the brake lever only pulls in an inch before it's rock solid. Well worth the money I spent at jdaent DOT com. I forget the guys name but he has most of the break line patterns for the bikes we have.

I moved on to the tank last night to start the body work. It only had one dent that needed pulling out. I know I have done this before and I should have learned, but if you guys have one of the pin spot welders for pulling out dents, I don't advise using one on our thin metal tanks. As you can see I burned through on the first one I did. I forgot just how quick this thing welds the pin on and pulled the trigger for too long. Oh well, at least I have the practice under my belt from building Don's tank. Got out the TIG welder and filled the hole up just fine.

I'm going to try to get the tank in primer today. May end up doing the tank liner first.
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Ok I need your opinion. The left side cover for these Std. & Deluxe bikes have a square section molded into it. The right side does not. Using PlastiFix I can cut out the section and fill it with a section on the extra right side cover I have making both sides match. What do you think?
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I would leave it. There has to be a reason for the impression. If anything that's where you can put a polished metal piece that says 1 of 1 LRCXed.
OK that's one vote for no! The space was used by Honda to place a sticker there with instructions for the overflow bottle. I think the main interest in this is that I can do it. ANd you know what I'm like at wanting to be a little different!

BTW, I found a sweet way to get all the old paint off the plastics and make sure every nook and cranny is etched and ready to accept paint with out lifting later on. I used the glass bead cabinet. It works good but I learned that it takes paint off better when you angle the gun from the side instead of straight on. The plastic bounces the beads off when it's straight on. At an angle it strips it right off.
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hey larry what year honda dirtbike is that i almost looks like my 79 xr185 dirt bike
Hey Larry, speaking of the water pipe many are used and how are they configured? Just put mine back together today and the pipe is leaking...I used 1 o-ring and had to whack the pipe with a mallet to get it in there. Any tips?
Lucky, it's an 86 XR80R.

Jasonh, I use two on the pipe. I also put a thin layer of high grade silicon sealer inside the hole of the housing, as well as a bead of it around the front of the O-rings too. That way when you push in the tube carefully, the seals slid in easier. Let it sit overnight so the sealer sets up. You won't need to worry about corrosion build up ever getting under the seals this way.

As far as the project goes, As I was getting ready to glass bead the tank and do the bodywork, I dropped the tank off the stool and put a dent in it right where I just pulled the one out. Arrrg... I knew I wasn't in the mood to do this today!
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