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Knock in the Engine Noise

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I am selling my CX and the potential buyer says that he hears a knocking noise when he does a u turn. The bike has 5,200 miles on it. I have heard that the clutch on this bike can make a noise like that. Without hearing the noise, can anyone voice an opinion on this? This bike is in immaculate condition and has been well maintained.
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Could it just be that he is getting the driveline to snatch?
Not sure that I know what you mean by that. Rattle, quiver?
he is looking for a better deal

with 5200 mil on the bike the clutch is OK
unless it's been ridden hard
Do not think the buyer is looking for a better deal. Just concerned.
I was thinking of re-setting the valve lash. Do you think that the engine can be turned over by removing the spark plugs, putting the engine in gear and moving the rear tire by hand to get to the marks on the fly wheel?
Yes, that can be done but it is easier to use the bolt on the front end of the crankshaft by removing the cap. Both the cap and the crankshaft bolt are 17 mm.
Problem is, I am LAZY and do not want to take off the radiator shroud to do this! Did I say, I am selling the bike? LOL.
I did readjust the lash on the valves. Had not done it in quite a while. Each valve was about .002" loose. Quieter now. There must be a special tool to tighten the lock nut and hold that tiny adjusting bolt.
I did as CXPHREAK said. Not too hard to get at the crank.
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