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It shows or looks like what you did was try to link a image from your computer.

You need to upload your photos to a sharing host like photobucket.

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Okay. I guess thats enough pics for now. Hopefully the angles are good enough to see everything. I guess i'll go through my story. I've never owned or ridden a motorcycle before. always wanted one though. Just so happens a guy I work with had a CX that he was tired of working on and wanted to get rid of. Believe it or not he simply gave it to me for free. Wouldn't take a dime. I don't have a garage so it went down into my basement and I immediately began tearing it apart. I took everything off that I could until it was down to the frame and motor. I had a design idea and thats it and so I took it from there. Heres all that i've done:

-made the seat

-made the handlebars

-removed H-pipe and stock exhaust and put together my own straight pipes

-wrapped and silicone sprayed pipes

-designed foot pegs and my buddy machined them from the design I drew

-rewired from scratch with another buddy

-made license plate bracket

-installed 90/125 jets and retuned

-synced carbs

-designed and installed hard tail struts

-painted frame and wheels in semi gloss black

-painted tank with black metallic and clear coat

-bought and installed headlight, tail light, grips

-designed an enclosed removable cover under seat to house and conceal any extra wires

-installed rivets into rear curved section of frame

-relocated battery and all that stuff with it to clean up center area

-removed radiator and flushed it out

-replaced thermostat

-changed oil

-installed red covers over plug wires

-installed XS pod filters

-wrapped all exposed cables on front of bike with that plastic coil stuff and added stainless steel zip ties

I also took the front fender off and modified and shaped it with my cutting wheel and grinder, painted it black metallic and clear coat, and also installed rivets. unfortunately the clear was not dry when I took these pictures so I could not get a pic with it installed yet. i'll get more up when I can mount the fender.

Some things i'm still not satisfied with: that big ugly square brake fluid reservoir, all the cables snaked around the handlebars, battery location.

I guess thats it. Thats all I can think of right now if I forgot something i'll post it up here.

Thanks for checking out my very first chop. hope you guys like it.

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rear lights? If the turn signals are in the foot pegs then thats nice! Possibly not street legal though. LOVE the pipes! Is it loud?
I only have the running tail light and brake light. It's just above the license plate mounted on the bracket. no blinkers at this time. Don't need blinkers in Michigan, just hand signals but I have to admit i'm a little uncomfortable without them. I will more than likely add blinkers a little later.
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