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The reason I gave up and came in was there were a ton of cops out and someone pulled over every other light. Before I left the neighbor said watch out for those idiot drivers. I followed two different cars at the end that either had one hell of a conversation going on with a cell phone or they were drunk.

The last one veered all the way over to the right getting close to the other cars just to wander all the way back over to the left close enough to rub the tires on the median 5 times in a row. And that's when I packed it in.

Don, let me guess, that was shortly after the Packer game ended? That is ALWAYS a dangerous time on our Wisconsin roads.

Dakota,your enthusiasim is infectious. I did about 60 miles yesterday, and even rode into work today at 27F (thats -2.8C for our international friends).
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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