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Is this all of them?

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I'm trying to start a new poll on which twisted people own but I need to know if this is all of them.



Cx500 Standard

Cx500 Custom

Cx500 Deluxe

Cx500 Turbo

Cx500 EuroSport

Cx650 Custom

Cx650 Turbo

Cx650 EuroSport


Gl500 Interstate


Gl650 Interstate

Gl700 Interstate

Chopper that started as a Cx or Gl but doesn't look like one anymore.

Customized Trike

Kit Car


Oh and which one was called the wing? Not silverwing but wing.
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Not exactly but I might add them if there's room. Along with the st1100 and 1300.

They are V4's..... If they ain't twisted they don't belong on the list IMO.
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