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Not sure, But I think the only hot wire is going to be one you install directly from the battery. or before the ignition switch I recall There is a spare ground next to the flasher relay on the right side and maybe another acc circuit under the saddle. In that bikes these were made when most radios had a pushbutton mechanical memory, I don't know of any other reason to have a live, unswitched hot wire there. My CX did have a spare unused green wire at the bucket for grounding accs.

I just remembered an Acc Memory holder device I saw in a catalog. A nine volt battery plugged into a cig lighter circuit to keep computer memory in a BMW. That should be an easy mod if you try it.

Pls Pardon me if I'm wrong, I'm dead tired, and not really sure, just throwing another 2cents to the pot today

Edit: Mine had been wrecked by the P.O. The faring was gone, and he left a nest of wires mis routed and mis connected. I ended up, re doing the whole thing... probably had fifteen ft of faring wires to toss when I was done. I may still have the mounts which he left on for some reason? I think he may have started to fix it, got POd with electrical confusion... and parked it.
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