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is my front wheel missing something!

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So I finally noticed my un-aligned front wheel. I always noticed a slight angle on my bars but I assumed the tank wasn't on straight or something. Between the right fork and wheel is there supposed to be a collar or spacer? I just have the axle rod to a rubber bushing in the wheel.

I took everything off at work and I could swear something is missing to make the forks twist or something. Nothing has any marks of a bend and no welds have stress cracks or rust so what's up here. I'll post pics later.
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I assume yours is a single front disc?This might be a good time to upgrade to a dual front disc.On a Stock UK/Euro CX you can use a CB400n/CB750/CB900(Old versions) front end.

Also post in the Customization section as some one there may have spares as they tend to upgrade so may have some stock forks for you


Look on the bright side.This is the time of year to get all the servicing jobs done through the dark months ready for the new year
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