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is my front wheel missing something!

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So I finally noticed my un-aligned front wheel. I always noticed a slight angle on my bars but I assumed the tank wasn't on straight or something. Between the right fork and wheel is there supposed to be a collar or spacer? I just have the axle rod to a rubber bushing in the wheel.

I took everything off at work and I could swear something is missing to make the forks twist or something. Nothing has any marks of a bend and no welds have stress cracks or rust so what's up here. I'll post pics later.
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Yea I looked at 4 at work. I'm fairly certain that's what is missing. I've only taken the wheel off to replace seals and the tire and I never recall seeing that
Don't worry, I'm not riding till I figure this out. Well at least not the CX
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I'm so frusterated with this.

I have that collar, i got the new one and when i took the wheel off it was already in place. I have everything pictured but it still is cocked at an angle.

So i ask, wtf could possibly make the wheel point?

I noticed on the right fork it is free to slide about even with the bolt through it to lock it in place. Not a lot of room to move but i dunno. I just tightened it down to where some of the axle shaft sticks out.

Maybe i do infact have a bent triple tree and somehow just can't notice this.

Give me things to look for and i'll take a crap load of pics. I can't figure this out and i'm at my whits end.
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I should also mention the headlight, gauges, and name place all are in line with each other, you get to the wheel and thats when it has the angle.

I appears to point to the left. Not certain if the brake assembly is pointing as well. I know the fender and wheel both point to the left.

I've taken the fender off thinking maybe it was twisting a fork somehow but thats not it either.
Yea that doesn't really help.

I saw a video of someone doing that but I don't know that is my problem.

I just don't get why everything is straight but the wheel. Is it because one fork is farther forward than the other causing the wheel to align at an angle?
Ok thanks, I'll try that in a little bit.

As far as straightening I know what you are talking about and I could do that. I think I may try to take the fork tubes with me and inspect for trueness. I know the wheel spins free with no side to side movement. So out goes the axle.

I'm assuming its fairly easy to bend a fork
I've taken off the fender and tried without it. Still un-aligned. I'm going to just pull the forks an wheel and check it out at work on my free time.

Plus this will also allow me to change the oil to something heavier
So I found out and things are bad lol!

Both fork tubes are bent about .090"

And the tubes are disco from what I hear so anybody have somw good tubes I can get cheap?

I've got a video I'll post later
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I guess going dual wouldn't be that hard. probably cost more than I want
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