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Is it necessary to paint motor?

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In the process of prepping the motor to repaint it, I think I stripped almost all the old coating (with the help of paint stripper and the dremel). But now I really like the motor in it's stripped state and don't want to paint it. It has a nice "patina" to it actually

Is it really necessary to actually paint the motor? If I leave it unpainted, would it be enough to spray it down every so often with some kind of lubricant (like WD40)? Thanks.
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I painted a CX engine Satin Black and it looked great,better than matt black.No primer.Just a good scotchbrite and degrease and used High temp BBQ paint,

Takes around 24 hours to fully cure but is then very robust.Also used on brake callipers for that modern satin black look.Above is just and example as I'm in the UK and this is the brand I use,

For a good silver finish as per,

Plastikote 665 Satin Chrome is by far and away the best ever aerosol I've ever used.It dries fast,needs no primer,blends well for touch-ups and can handle the heat no problem.

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Yeah. I have always wondered why anyone would paint something that's so easy to get dirty and so hard to clean with matte black paint. The flat finish tends to give the dirt more to hold on to so it will be even harder to keep clean. I painted my winter machine's engine with gloss black and most of the dirt washes off pretty easily until it gets baked on for months because I won't wash it when its below freezing out, but it comes clean fairly easily when I get the brush and the hot soapy water out

Ditto.Matt Black is ok on say exhausts but it gets so dirty so quickly it spoils to easy and is hard to clean.

The Satin Black I posted above makes things look just like that modern great satin black finish and is as easy as Gloss black to clean.Identical to these engines and frame.Once cured even brake fluid doesn't harm it in small doses.

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