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Is it necessary to paint motor?

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In the process of prepping the motor to repaint it, I think I stripped almost all the old coating (with the help of paint stripper and the dremel). But now I really like the motor in it's stripped state and don't want to paint it. It has a nice "patina" to it actually

Is it really necessary to actually paint the motor? If I leave it unpainted, would it be enough to spray it down every so often with some kind of lubricant (like WD40)? Thanks.
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If you don't spray down your engine it will eventually look like a turd if it isn't cared for. The 78's weren't painted and I have seen several that look good but I have one in the basement that looks like it is growing moss. It's that bad.

If I were you and wanted to keep it the way it is I would still paint it. But I would use Duplicolor clear engine enamel. Then it at least has something on it. But their aluminum color looks really good too.
It's nothing like using a single stage paint on the engine but it does an ok job. Rattlecans aren't always reliable but they are abundant.
1 - 2 of 36 Posts
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