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Is it necessary to paint motor?

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In the process of prepping the motor to repaint it, I think I stripped almost all the old coating (with the help of paint stripper and the dremel). But now I really like the motor in it's stripped state and don't want to paint it. It has a nice "patina" to it actually

Is it really necessary to actually paint the motor? If I leave it unpainted, would it be enough to spray it down every so often with some kind of lubricant (like WD40)? Thanks.
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would love to paint my engine black (matt), but lack the patience to spends 10's of hours sanding it, prepping it, degreasing, priming and then making a great mess of the paintjob and have it looking worse than it is.

only had the engine back in the bike a couple of days after it's rebuild, it's got a nice coating of grease on it at the moment holding the dreaded white fur at bay, but might have to give it a spray with the fancy acf-50 once I find out where they sell the stuff.


I degreased and pressure washed my engine, hit it with a self-etching primer, and shot it down with the VHT Titanium Metallic Silver. Looks good enough for me
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if it's that easy then I'll give it a go! - was the engine completely stripped or in one chunk at the time ?

I masked off the valve covers, and had the engine out of the bike and the coolant system pipes were off getting powdercoated at that time (did them in Viking Stainless Steel)
That's exactly how mine looked before I started on it.
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