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Interesting read on CDI systems

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I have thought about the rebuild of the CDI myself. Start with the existing schematics, build up something to test and if it works well, pot it and forget it. The connectors are not a big deal - if they are still useable, replacing the metal connectors is doable. I also have a TI setup from the '82 parts bike, and almost started to put that in Maggie after I lost the ignition system earlier in August. Figure out how to build a quick circuit to go from a short to ground (CDI) to a switch relay to turn off power to the TI units.

All that went to the side after I got and installed the Ignitech box. It was plug and play in very short time. The price is {currently} right and it also can be used for other motos. I studied the doc's and the programming software and it could be wired up to another make and model of bike. As well as tweaking for the current installation!

So, it get's my vote as being (for now anyway) the best solution.
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21 - 21 of 21 Posts
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