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Interesting read on CDI systems

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How did this INGITECH thing come into play anyway? I lurked on the old site for years waiting for CDI boxes to come out for these cycles. I was tearing my hair out wondering why STATORS were still being made for these but NOT CDIs when so many needed CDIs to run. When I found that some were finally available through IGNITECH I joined the site to get in on it. I am glad that I did too, because I was mere days away from selling my cycle which I saw as a sinking ship that would one day fail me (again) when the replacement CDI failed. Apparenty original CDIs are still in great demand because Ebay still sells them for $100 up. When my IGNITECH arrives I will likely sell my original CDI on Ebay to recoup my cash. No need to kep it any longer that I can see.
1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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