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Interesting read on CDI systems

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Ferro from Italy got as far as this, don't think it worked because he never mentioned it again.

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As has been pointed out by Reg and a few others in similar threads, making new OEM style CDI's was an option to be followed when there was no alternative to 30+ year old used CDI's.

Now that units like the Ignitech are on the market, which eliminate the need for a "split" stator, and almost pays for itself in the savings from being able to run without those windings or the advance pulsor, both of which are NLA new, and a relative PITA to change when defective, what's the point or re-inventing the wheel?

Kind of like keeping 6 volt electrical system or cable brakes on the vehicle when converting to 12volts and hydraulics is easier and cheaper.
1 - 2 of 21 Posts
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