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Interesting read on CDI systems

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If I just had the $500 to spare for getting the initial run of 100 blank PC boards I'd have no problem building them as people needed them EXCEPT - I don't think anyone ever found a source for the exact plugs - and who wants to sell (much less having to splice in) a new unit?

I might run some numbers again regarding total costs and present it to the community, if I could get enugh people to agree that they'd buy one at a specific price point knowing darn well they'd have to splice it in I'd somehow borrow the money and go with it.

PC layout is easy, I'd have them designed and in my hands within a week. Parts are pretty much overnight to me. Soldering time, QC and installing them in properly sealed enclosures would probably end up as about two hours apiece but my time is definitely worth something when I include all the paperwork, accounting, packing and shipping. If I recall, all inclusive, I'd have to get somewhere around $70 - $75 per unit and all you'd be getting would be an almost exact replica of the original - with far more reliable components though.

SO - cosidering worst case of about half of those that promised they'd order one as dropping out of the deal I'd need to "pre-sell" at least 20 of them, then if only those 10 came through I'd at least be able to repay the loan to get the PC boards made.

Stupid oddball connectors, if there was a definite source for them this would be a piece of cake and you could even list them on eBay, something one might hesitate to do if you had to sell them as slice in only replacements.
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Maybe a better option is refurbishment of existing CDI units. Replace all the parts onto the existing PWB (reusing/refurbing the wiring and OEM connector), test, re-pot them, and sell them as refurbs. Include a refundable core-charge to help ensure a supply of dead ones to refurb for future orders.

They're virtually impossible to get apart, they're potted in some sort of early variation of epoxy glue.
I've tried several chemicals and it's a no go. I chipped away a lot of it with picks and screwdrivers. Then I took the larger pieces and put them in a variety of jars with chemicals and nothing dissolved it.

Yea, since we've got a schematic, parts list and I think even a PC board trace layout you could just build one.
1 - 4 of 21 Posts
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