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Interesting Problem with Gas Tank

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My goal was to finally get my bike on the road to find problems and dial things in before paint and some other detail work. I spent most of the day checking fasteners, bleeding brakes, checking connections, etc. in preparation for the big event.

Sadly, I couldn't get it to start. No matter what I did, I couldn't get fuel to the carbs. This isn't the original tank, so I haven't used it (or the petcock) before. I pulled the fuel line and confirmed that gas wasn't getting through the petcock. Off came the tank and petcock (no ride today).

Once I got the petcock off, I was amazed to see that NO FUEL came out of the tank! I cleaned the tank and sealed it with POR-15 about a year ago. Thinking that the tank was plugged, I gently stuck a screwdriver up the fuel outlet. Nothing - no resistance to pressure, no fuel, nada.

I am completely mystified by what the problem could be. The only thing that I can think of, which I can't confirm, is that the POR-15 created some kind of bubble (it would have to be a large one) that sealed off the area around the fuel outlet. For that to happen, there would have had to be a low pressure situation within the tank when the POR-15 was setting up. Not sure how that could have happened.

Any thoughts or suggestions?

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Try blowing air in through the petcock hole to see if the air comes out the filler cap??


Maybe there is a "Dam" of tank sealer in front of the hole keeping the fuel from reaching the hole. Put the gas cap on and tip the front of the tank up(carefully)to see if any gas comes out.
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