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Interesting aside about 650 motors in 500 frames

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So, with a 650 motor in the 78 Standard frame, the 500 carbs can not be put in between the motor and the frame without removing all the engine bolts and tipping the motor forward slightly. I know I didn't have this issue on the 82 Custom... anyone else experience the same?

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my 81`CX500 also have (had) a 650 engine.

Also had problems with the carbs and found the following solution:

After extending the carb battery about 15mm it fits much better to the stiff engine manifolds, please have a look to the attachments. The bike has the stock airbox yet, the airbox boots are much more flexible (compared to the manifolds) and fit really good to the extended carb battery. No more problems while installing the carbs. The engine is converted to CDI-ignition. The clearance between water pump cover and the frame is big enough to install the carb battery.

I used 650`s Euro brackets with distance plates for front engine mounting.

Mayby someone is interested in....

Matze from Germany

...excuse my English


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yes, after mounting the steel brackets the tank needs to be widened a little bit around the front hangers area. Not a big operation, other problems I didn`t have with these front hanger solution.

Which water cooler did you use?

And in the end: in Germany we have tough regulations for modifications, nearly everything you do has to be inspected and approved by inspection engineers. Frame modifications like raking front ends are very near to a sacrilege and will be a good chance to lose the bike approval. It`s easier to screw on a new part than to modify a stock part by welding - that `s the reason I chose that way.

It was a hard thing and took a long time to get my bike legal on the road in this condition.


For both wheels I used the so called "german method" with screwed rings and stock hubs. Those kits were distributed here in germany by AME (needless to say that they`re approved...

For some better pics please have a look here (in the lower section) :

Members Bikes 2

or here:

swing arm modification for wider rear tire

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these kits are still available, but ~350 (!) €/wheel - inacceptable...

10 years ago I payed the half price for the same parts.

I`m sure your self-made-kit is much better now ...
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