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Hello all, I realize I am not posting about my CX, but I am really stuck here. I recently purchased this beautiful 74 CB550 from a guy out in Rockford that got it in some sort of eviction sale and never got around to rebuilding it.
Engine turns over, however it totally seems like it was used as a parts bike, many things are pilfered..

One of the first things i decided to do was rebuild and clean the carbs, and quickly realized I have 1 of 4 main jet clips. Pretty important little piece of wing shaped metal. If anyone has a set of these that they dont need or are willing to part with please let me know! Would be eternally grateful.

About ready to paint the frame and swing arm and start reassembly. Also most likely going to have a good amount of spare oe parts from this build if anyone is need of anything in particular. Will post on that when I complete this one! Definitely have 90% of another set of cb550 carbs.
Hope everyones enjoying this beautiful weather! I know I am. So great to be able to get some work done outdoors.


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