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Im having riding withdrawls!!! Help

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I have 1981 cx500 i recently had a problem with a broken air mixture needle! I solved this problem but now i need help! I replaced the airbox with pod filters! If I was going to adjust the air mix so i could get some ride time in before rejetting what would be my best bet? Maybe 3.5-4 turns out??? Any advice appreciated! Thanks in advance

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True i put some fuel system cleaner and high octane gas and actually got a little riding in! Thanks for the help bandit!
blake,id love to see a photo of your plugs,any chance of posting one
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I might try a reducer to limit air intake for the time being.... think NASCAR restrictor plate. Maybe a piece of tape around part of the cone filter ends...

I find that completely removing stock EX baffles usually makes more noise "HP" than performance HP. It's all a matter of balancing the intake volume, with negative pressure on the exhaust side. The baffles are part of a somewhat tuned system that produces negative pressure on the exhaust, not only emptying the cyl of unburnt crud but also creating a partial vacume on the intake that allows a full charge of fuel air mix to be delivered. I use the metaphotr that an exhaust system is simply a "passive pump".

On a two stroke "tuned" pipe, the negative pressure is created at the end of the pipe... IF enough fuel can be delivered this can drastically increase HP and revs. Usually a very narrow power band and sometimes a short life for wrist pins and piston skirts.

Obviously the four stroke is different but still relies on the principal of Neg Pressures on the ex side to help flow from the intake.. they must be balanced.

I guess what I'm trying to say is. You have increased air delivery potential, but without corresponding fuel increase (re jet) ... And also without increasing exh. capacity or pressures, it's not going to improve performance to simply put more air to it and richen up the mix..

disclaimer: I have "modified" many internal baffles with a drill bit.

If the result of Hi test and octane boost running lean is letting you ride... It might be doing more harm than worth it in the long run.

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Obviously the four stroke is different but still relies on the principal of Neg Pressures on the ex side to help flow from the intake.. they must be balanced.

I disagree. A 4-stroke uses separate strokes for intake and exhaust. The suction of the intake is created by the piston travelling downwards and creating a vacuum. Exhaust is pushed via the piston travelling upwards. Sure, some exhaust systems can be designed to increase scavenging to help pull remaining exhaust from the cylinder better/faster, but this shouldn't have an impact on the intake. If the intake valves are open during the exhaust stroke, you'd be pushing exhaust out the intake, which would be a bad thing, IMHO.
Bandit i will post a pic this afternoon of the plugs! Nolavox i have increased exhaust coming out there are no baffles or ends on my pipes just the pipe itself! I just added fuel cleaner to the gas not booster so i think my problem had to do with dirty gas!
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