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Im having riding withdrawls!!! Help

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I have 1981 cx500 i recently had a problem with a broken air mixture needle! I solved this problem but now i need help! I replaced the airbox with pod filters! If I was going to adjust the air mix so i could get some ride time in before rejetting what would be my best bet? Maybe 3.5-4 turns out??? Any advice appreciated! Thanks in advance

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Ok thanks. What should i see on the plug light brown???
I have factory exhaust without the baffles. What is a colortune?
Sorry but i believe thats incorrect from what i have studied the mixture screw only controls the air coming in the carb! The needle screws in to cut off air and out to let more air in. Dont believe fuel even gets to this part from what i understand could be wrong!
I seen the pic of the carb larry cut open but it looks like the passage for air mixture comes from the front of the carb and there is no gas supply there!When the carb bowl is full i took the screw all the way out no leaking just running a bit to lean!
What are u referring to as your point my comment or the other guys?
True i put some fuel system cleaner and high octane gas and actually got a little riding in! Thanks for the help bandit!
Bandit i will post a pic this afternoon of the plugs! Nolavox i have increased exhaust coming out there are no baffles or ends on my pipes just the pipe itself! I just added fuel cleaner to the gas not booster so i think my problem had to do with dirty gas!
1 - 9 of 24 Posts
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