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Im having riding withdrawls!!! Help

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I have 1981 cx500 i recently had a problem with a broken air mixture needle! I solved this problem but now i need help! I replaced the airbox with pod filters! If I was going to adjust the air mix so i could get some ride time in before rejetting what would be my best bet? Maybe 3.5-4 turns out??? Any advice appreciated! Thanks in advance

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why not as an experiment..take them out,have a ride and pull your plugs.
The idle (EDIT: mixture) adjusters are fuel meters. If he removes the screws, he'll have gas dripping out, and probably a leaner mixture from air being sucked in.

Sorry but i believe thats incorrect from what i have studied the mixture screw only controls the air coming in the carb! The needle screws in to cut off air and out to let more air in. Dont believe fuel even gets to this part from what i understand could be wrong!
Nope, there was a thread on the old forum that covered this. LRCXed cut one up to see where all the little passages went. It's definitely fuel.

I don't recall reading "idle adjusters" until your post,Randall.
You are correct, Phil. I meant to say "idle mixture adjustment."

Thanks for catching that.

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