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Working on my first cx 500 build and having a great time, I have gotten almost all the way to the end and I have run into an issue with getting it to start.

I get a very weak spark when using the stock CDI on both coils.
I replaced the ignition coils and got the same result. weak spark.

I tested the stator windings and got the following results. honda stator values.JPG
from those results, it should be solved with an ignitech

With the Ignitech, I get no spark at all.
I have verified that the ignitech is getting power and is turning on. I heard a characteristic buzzing noise indicating functionality.
I have tried it with and with out the kill switch on and off for both coils

mods that might be making things interesting...
motogadget m-unit
90 % custom wiring harness

the only things that I am thinking that it could possibly be is something to do with the Regulator/ rectifier (stock) or the 1-5 stator winding which was reading on the boundry for resistance.

Thanks for the help!!
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