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Anyone in the Twin Cities have a portable torch kit, and interested in playing "Straighten-a-Frame?" I've got the vise and the levers. I just need a fire source.

This is the victim:

The right tube (left in the picture above) of the triple spine is bent, and the head tube twisted.

I believe that if we apply heat and leverage in the right places, the spine tube can be straightened, causing the head tube to untwist. I had resigned myself to leaving this for Spring, but after recently acquiring a front end, I'm eager to make some progress.

Any takers? If others want to help, too, we'll order a pizza and make a party of it.

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That's the way it works. Lots of heat and some good leverage. Remember just a hair over and it will pull back to the intended mark. I straightened my share of cars using this method.

That top picture makes it look like it needs a good pull to the left but pictures also lie.
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Heat is the way to go and if possible some sort of pulling device. I have done a few cars without hydralic pullers and the key was finding a way to fasten the item to a strong possibly unmovable object. I bulled the front end of a ford tempo back in shape by chaining it to a telephone pole at the base on a slight hill. Then I prepped the front end and chained it to a full size chevy. Like a rock with wheels. On the slight hill the truck was enough weight that it could pull on the frame as I heated the ares the needed to be fixed. Closer to the end I needed someone sitting in the truck to apply the brakes so it didn't over pull.

I ended up extending the life of the car by 5 years till it was T-boned.

If you cant do the work yourself in the end you might put out a call for help on craigslist because there are people who can and might be able to do it on the cheap.
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You put motorcycle frame right?

Don't forget that David in Wisconsin has a cx650 frame with title that I'm suppose to pick up but if you want it I'm sure we can find a way to get it to you. Even if it means trailering it to the twin cities ride.
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