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Anyone in the Twin Cities have a portable torch kit, and interested in playing "Straighten-a-Frame?" I've got the vise and the levers. I just need a fire source.

This is the victim:

The right tube (left in the picture above) of the triple spine is bent, and the head tube twisted.

I believe that if we apply heat and leverage in the right places, the spine tube can be straightened, causing the head tube to untwist. I had resigned myself to leaving this for Spring, but after recently acquiring a front end, I'm eager to make some progress.

Any takers? If others want to help, too, we'll order a pizza and make a party of it.

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I'm to far away. I looked again. Have it pressed? In a machine shop on a hydrolic press. The heat would expand the tube I think to much.

I have had frount forks done that way,cold. The metal is stretched and by pressing cold that may aline the frount and the back of the frame by compressing.

My thoughts. nice pictures.

Nice looking stator! Mine on the 81 was very dark epoxy. The one in my 81 now looks like yours.
1 - 1 of 48 Posts
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