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I love it!

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Finaly took the bike home tonight. I love it. I skipped class since I know what's going on for the most part and mounted my tires.

Getting the old ones off was pretty time consuming. Silicon, some hacksawing, swearing, sweating and finally pulling it off with my own arms freed the front wheel.

Mounted my pirelli and balanced with half an ounce of weight. Then the rear, silicon was all I needed. Came off under a minute and threw the new rear on. I didn't bother balancing it. Just placed the dot on the valve. Checked all my bolts and fired it up. Went around the block and adjusted the rear brake and took off 13 miles home. Loved all of it. Worth skipping auto trans class.... Me thinks so!
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There is a mind boggling amount to auto transmissions. I took the class a few semesters ago with a terrible teacher. This time I'm taking in all the explained details. Pretty fascinating.

On a side note do Honda CM400A's have torque converters? This class kinda makes want to gut one to see how they work.
Thanks for the link. I just want to the inner workings of a hondamatic.

I guess an auto would have to have a torque converter and a flexplate.
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