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I have a tool kit

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What kinda stuff do you everyone carry in the tool kit? I have a flashlight, mini adjustable wrench,

Mini visegrip, tire gauge multipurpose toolCame with torx and other bits, i would like to get a small spark plug wrech set up and maybe a few wrenches. So what do you guys have? Should there be any thing in my kit i may be missing thanks for your input. plus its the riding season so it may help us all out knowing what every has or uses.
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Portable air mini-compressor


It comes with cigarette lighter connector, so a 12V watertight inlet can be installed with fuse to power the compressor.


Uh.... if you have a leaking tire, it's probably best if you don't ride on it. my 2 pence
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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