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I have a tool kit

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What kinda stuff do you everyone carry in the tool kit? I have a flashlight, mini adjustable wrench,

Mini visegrip, tire gauge multipurpose toolCame with torx and other bits, i would like to get a small spark plug wrech set up and maybe a few wrenches. So what do you guys have? Should there be any thing in my kit i may be missing thanks for your input. plus its the riding season so it may help us all out knowing what every has or uses.
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Ive never used this before, but it seems interesting for tire repairs on the go.

I've always wondered about those, anyone have any BTDT with them?

Yes, best thing to do is replace the tire, yadda, yadda, yadda, but that's not always an option in the real world.

I have used these on automotive tires, downside is that you have to install from the inside of the tire so it's not an easy roadside emergency fix.

Many moons ago I did the "fix a flat" in a can repair for a slow puncture leak, rode hundreds of miles after that with no problems, but I wouldn't do that again unless I really had to.
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