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I am Looking at 2 CX500's to Buy

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Hello everyone,

I am new to this forum, and I have never owned a Honda CX500 but I am looking at two for sale that I want to buy. I need all your expertise and advice about these motorcycles. First, the pair are being sold together and are complete motorcycles for $450.00. They definately need restoration, but that is what I am looking for anyways. They are both 1982 models, one is a Silver wing with the faring and saddlebags and everything, and the other is a Custom. The engines are clean and not corroded or anything. The engines look great on the outside, however I absolutely must have one that runs good right now. The seller says he has never had either one running but they turn over and he says the guy he bought them from said they ran. Anyways, are these engines (in general) pretty good? What are the chances of the engines starting after a carburator cleaning? I like the price for the both of them, but as I said, I need at least one of them to run well. If they are turning over, is that is good sign? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You.
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Thanks for the reply. Do you recommend a good place online to get a carb rebuild kit for this bike?



Try simply cleaning them first

For the carbs, I had great luck using ultrasonic cleaning and pinesol of all things. Here is the pinesol thread.

For a great guide to carb overhaul, check out larry's method. This is what I used to strip the carbs:

Only took a few hours of good work, and it was worth it! You should have seen all the goo and crud that was in those carbs.

That is great that they are both '82.. Very desireable!

Do you know the mileage?

You can get started by downloading a manual off of the quick links at the top of the page.

edit- fixed a bad link
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