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Hurricane Ride?

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Well, it looks like Hurricane Earl may be coming to visit me on the NC coast. I have a pretty good shot at it missing me and hitting a little further north but there are never any guarantees. My inclination is to stay put and ride the storm out. I know that most people who've done that have ended up regretting their decision, but that's been with the full brunt of the storm. Topsail Beach is only about 65 miles north of the SC border.

Here's the complications/considerations:

I have a car, truck, motorcycle, utility trailer, boat and boat trailer to move/park/store. The elevation on my lot is only 7-11 feet, depending on who you believe. The house itself is built on pilings so if we get water, it'll only come into the garage. We've had water inside twice in the last 25 years; both times about chest deep. I don't really expect it inside with this storm.

To further complicate things, I have a woodshop set up downstairs in the room that runs behind the garage. Big tools... 18" bandsaw, tablesaw, 8" jointer, etc. A lot of heavy things that won't do well in salt water. I can't move them upstairs as they are too heavy/bulky/probably won't fit through the door, etc.

I could put the boat in the garage; it will fit with the trailer with space to spare. The boat is a 17 footer and the garage is about 28 feet from front to back. Vertically, it has a 10 foot ceiling. I don't know what a boat would do to the underside of my house if it floated off its trailer inside there. Leaving the drain plug out so it doesn't float off will drown the engine (it's an I/O). Bury some anchor points out in the yard and let it sit out there?

I could rent a storage space on the mainland for my bike, I guess. I can ride it or pull it. Pulling it makes more sense since I'm alone.

Ah, hell... I'm rambling. I don't know what I'm going to end up doing. I need to come up with a plan for this storm and also one for a big storm that actually threatens flooding.
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I'm not seeing much to encourage me to believe Earl will be easy on the NC coast...

added- I would sink my boat to the gunnels outdoors for sure

I just looked at the national Hurricane Center's latest projected track and saw potentially good news.

If you look at the southern part of North Carolina, Topsail Beach is about halfway between the border with SC and where the hurricane is supposed to brush land. I may do alright yet.

As for the boat, I've got a boat repair shop on the mainland who has offered to let me keep my boat there. Alternately, i may put it in the garage since we don't look like we're going to flood.

Burying the boat to the gunnels isn't a good option for me. The boat is an inboard/outboard. If I bury it, the engine is going to be toast. The boat guy assures me with that heavy ass engine in there, my boat isn't coming off the trailer. I'll rachet it down with some heavy duty strapping if it comes to leaving it outdoors at the boat shop.
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You would probably do well to delay your trip one day. This will probably be over for NC tomorrow sometime. I don't expect a lot of damage.
Ah, this thing was much ado about nothing. We get more rain in the afternoon thunderstorms all summer long. I suppose I ought to be grateful but I would have liked to have gotten enough wind so I wouldn't feel like I wasted my time clearing the decks for action.
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