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How do I shorten my forks

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I have the bike sitting where I want, but to do so, the fork tubes are pushed through the triple trees by about 8 inches (I've not actually measured). I know people machine forks, but I'm not sure where to start. Maybe I just replace them with new shorter forks that fit these trees. Any advice, links, etc
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Or maybe they needed the extra length to provide adequate support with sufficient travel without requiring excessive air pressure.
Every CX500 set I see on ebay has a short (high?) mark like these. I suppose it's irrelevant but it'd be neat to know which models had which marks and why @sacruickshank has such a low mark

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I don't recall seeing one on my 500 turbo forks or the 650s.
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I think all the 33mm CX500 forks are fit flush without a line. I've seen some with a line close to the top. I think they might be the '81 and '82 Custom.
I was surprised to see the low line, but I haven't done a lot with the Silverwings. My GL650 forks are flushed, and it's still a short bike.
My GL500s have the line as in the FSM image Bob posted.
Seems the lower line only belongs to the GL500 series then, none of the GL650 forks I see have that line. Kinda weird.
not me vs i have never put them through that far however i have seen some pictures in honda ads with them sticking through
yet i remember setting them up in pdi school setting them flush so now i wonder

but i know who to ask at American honda i will get back to you guys
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