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How do I shorten my forks

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I have the bike sitting where I want, but to do so, the fork tubes are pushed through the triple trees by about 8 inches (I've not actually measured). I know people machine forks, but I'm not sure where to start. Maybe I just replace them with new shorter forks that fit these trees. Any advice, links, etc
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As a data point, I lowered the front end on my otherwise stock GL500 by about 1cm or 1/2" by sliding the tubes through the triple tree, measured using the factory engraved line in the tube. That was about as far as I wanted to go to confidently avoid the fender hitting the radiator screen at full compression. Plus the GL forks sit above the triple tree by default, so you get a little of the cool cafe look even at the standard settings.

I also have a slightly longer then normal rear shock, so the steering is a little steeper than normal from both suspension mods, but handling still fine.
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