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How do I shorten my forks

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I have the bike sitting where I want, but to do so, the fork tubes are pushed through the triple trees by about 8 inches (I've not actually measured). I know people machine forks, but I'm not sure where to start. Maybe I just replace them with new shorter forks that fit these trees. Any advice, links, etc
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i dont see any way you can shorten the forks by 8 inches on a gl500 and live to tell the tale
how much room do you have between the fneder and the lower brace at your intended ride height?
by the way that engraved line is not the top line on the top tree it is the bottom alignment line so you have actually dropped the front 1.5 or the safe max
the top of the tube not the cap the chrome tube is flush with the top of the triple tree or just slightly protruding like less that a 1mm when its from the factory
not me vs i have never put them through that far however i have seen some pictures in honda ads with them sticking through
yet i remember setting them up in pdi school setting them flush so now i wonder

but i know who to ask at American honda i will get back to you guys
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1 - 3 of 26 Posts
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