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How do I remove the driveshaft GL500?

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On a CX500, the driveshaft slides right out of the swingarm. The GL500 not so much. How do I get that sucker out? Well, besides a torch, that is. Thanks.

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I'm restoring an 82 GL500I right now. My motor is out and I just walked over to it, pulled and twisted a bit to line up something in there and it came right out the front towards the motor end on the swing arm. I'm sure you have tried turning it in different positions when your pull on it. Otherwise I'm not sure what to suggest.
Mine pulled right out, too. And I don't notice any obstructions inside that it might hang up on. ????

Section 14-16 in the Silverwing manual.Yes the swinging arm has to come off and possibly the MonoShock.
Those are instructions to remove the swingarm itself.

With the engine out, the shaft should slide right out the front end.

1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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