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Horton if you come to Gilmore the day after Holland I should be there with my 67,000 mile bike.

The reason these bikes are so reliable or feel like junk at times is directly related to how they were treated prior in life. I got mine with a rough 40,000 miles on it and it had sat for 12 years in a van and 6 years under and apple tree on the corner of a field. There was a lot of rust and mess involved an the pistons were rusted to the cylinder wall. Within 4 days it was running. I fought it for 3 years as a low mileage around town bike and now it seldom has a problem.

If you want a good bike you can trust take care of it. I've had my bike for 8 years this June and after yesterday I have had everything apart on it besides the transmission and removing the pistons.

Nothing on it actually died before it should have. Last spring I did a double bypass which should have been a triple and most of the seals were holding together some how but shot, cam chain needed replacing and even a broken guide. Yesterday it got a new stator and head gasket that had a little oil leak at long idles in traffic so I said what the hell and spent $25 more and got two head gaskets. It was well worth it and after seeing into the engine I have no doubt that aside from getting hit and crushed by another vehicle I should get this sucker over 100,000 if I have the time for the miles. Maybe 3 more years at average pace depending on rain and snow.

I say ride the hell out of it. Maybe I'll even see you in Holland since I will be in Grand Rapids that weekend.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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