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I have a gl500i with 41,000 miles on the it. I put new tires, brakes. Cleaned all the connection, changed oil

well I have done all the usual thing to the bike that I can think of. Rides nice, smooth. But it is still

a 1982. Can I trust it for a road trip? I know this is a load question! Getting 50 mpg depending on the wind.

Hope to make it to the ride in Holland, Mi. on June 11th. But that is not far. How many people are on this fourm? I read about problem with these bike, but are these mainly project bike or bike you ride for fun?


Consider this, with about 2,500 members here, every area of maintenance and modifications has either been done or

discussed thoroughly at some time or another. Reliability and ease of service is probably the number one trait of these

motorcycles. Many rides here are customized in some way but many more are stock. Trust it for a road trip? Sure if its

been maintained properly, you say it only has 41,000 miles on it, thats is not alot for these bikes. You read about a

problem with these bikes? What problem were you referring to? Show me any bike without problems of some kind.

Good luck and enjoy the rides.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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