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I think once you put some miles on it around town for a couple months you should work the bugs out and it will become very reliable. The biggest problems I have had with mine have all involved rubber. 30 year old rubber is getting cracked and falling apart. Examples are acv diaphragms, lining to Speedo cable, master cyl cups, brake caliper o-rings stupid vacuum petcock, rubber intake boots. You get the idea. Anything with rubber is the stuff to watch. In my opinion the only thing that I really don't care for on my wing is my CV carbs. Do your self a favor and as soon as you start to have trouble buy an ultrasonic cleaner from harbor freight and clean them good and put a fuel filter on and you will be all set. I cleaned mine with air blowing and dip a few times and it still had spats and started rough and ran on one cyl. Once I ultrasonically cleaned them and synced them they were great. It runs like a sewing machine.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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