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How big are your balls?

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After doing the trailer hitch for my bike I realized one thing I still needed was a nice shinny ball. Well I'm semi confused. I ended up just buying a 1 7/8 ball for the bike but is there really a reason for the different ball sizes? Not really talking about 3 inch but 1 7/8 and 2 inch is very close?

In the long run I figured $7 for a ball or two isn't as bad as the price of the attachment.
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Yes it is. The two into two didn't like me. It does make it really quick to drop the exhaust. The only thing I don't like is it leaves the left side a bit bare.

For your peace of mind.

1-3/4 = 2000#

2" = 3500#

2 5/16 = 7000 or 10,000 or even 12,500 and perhaps higher depending on shank diameter and metal composition.

3" are higher yet.

Above 16-18K they usually go to a pintle hitch or gooseneck with 3".

I think they even make a small 1" but not sure.

The most important thing is that the hitch on the traier is the same size as the ball.

2" hitch will seem to work on a 1 3/4 ball, but is not safe.

10-15% on the tongue of the trailer is about right.

It's more important not to be to light rather than being slightly to heavy on the tongue.
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Hey blindstitch what kind of bags are those , I want some too!!
Hey blindstitch what kind of bags are those , I want some too!!
Hondaline for the CX. You will never find them. But if you do you won't like the price. We're talking $300 plus shipping for some in decent condition.
Blindstitch, your bike looks great! I love the looks of that red trailer in your previous pic. The wheel reminds me of a taildragger plane wheel. Do you suppose there is a source currently making them?
They are not cheap. Very tempting though. I really like that design.

putting a trailer kit together from Menards or Harbor Freight and then putting a car top box on it works really well and is relatively affordable. I have seen the boxes on Craigslist for as little as $15, people buy them for one trip and then don't want to store them. I built one a few years ago and pulled it across the country several times behind my G'Wing. I used a sawzall to narrow the trailer frame and the axel so it fit the box dims really well, then simply used a piece of heavy angle steel and some grade 8 bolts to bolt the axel together again. I remember building it all in one weekend in the living room of my apartment, what fun!

The standard 1-7/8 ball hitch worked fine, I never needed a swivel hitch.

I don't have pics of the one I built, but it looked a lot like the one that this guy built for his Valkyrie: visit

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I have seen those kits and passed up an x-cargo last weekend for free.

I built one of the 4x8 trailers from harbor freight for my brother and it was surprisingly easy to put it together except for the 300 or so pounds and stuffing the two boxes in a geo prism.

It might be a pretty good idea if they run a sale.
Why build one when if you join Harbor Freights costumer program you can have this one for $299.

My link
How big are your balls?

How not to get blown.

Are you getting enough young feller?
I am but it seems like only the creative or odd titles get the replies.

But thanks for your concern.

Maybe once Charles gets all the old info back the Check your Hose thread will come back up.
Why build one when if you join Harbor Freights costumer program you can have this one for $299.

My link

That looks like a good deal David, but after having one like it with 8" wheels I think having one with 12" would be better. Still, I was pulling a trailer with 1100cc and would cruise hours at 80+mph, pulling with a CX would likely be at a slower pace so 8" wheels would probably be fine.
I would probably do a wheel upgrade but many have said that their bearings suck.

But then again I think they are easily replaced.
I had heard the same thing about the Chinese trailer kit bearings, plus I knew I was abusing those little wheels with the high-speed cruising, so I re-packed the bearings before every major trip (it worked out to about twice a season). I got so I could do a wheel in 5 min or so, it was no big deal. I did also carry a spare set of bearings in the trailer, but never needed them.
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