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How big are your balls?

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After doing the trailer hitch for my bike I realized one thing I still needed was a nice shinny ball. Well I'm semi confused. I ended up just buying a 1 7/8 ball for the bike but is there really a reason for the different ball sizes? Not really talking about 3 inch but 1 7/8 and 2 inch is very close?

In the long run I figured $7 for a ball or two isn't as bad as the price of the attachment.
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Make sure that your hitch is low enough that the tongue of the trailer doesn't go uphill to the hitch. The uphill position tends to add to the possibility of fishtailing. Also, as a rule the longer the tongue of the tailer the better that it will track behind you ... but you don't want it too long either.

When you get a trailer I will talk to you about mounting a spare tire if you are going to carry one. There are important point that you should know. One mounted wrong came close to making me crash once.
I have that UMBT-1 trailer. It pulls really nice... i might be willing to sell it if you're near Durham, NC.



What would you want for the trailer??? Are you going to the Amish Rally???
Why build one when if you join Harbor Freights costumer program you can have this one for $299.

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1 - 3 of 34 Posts
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