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How big are your balls?

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After doing the trailer hitch for my bike I realized one thing I still needed was a nice shinny ball. Well I'm semi confused. I ended up just buying a 1 7/8 ball for the bike but is there really a reason for the different ball sizes? Not really talking about 3 inch but 1 7/8 and 2 inch is very close?

In the long run I figured $7 for a ball or two isn't as bad as the price of the attachment.
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I had a post running for a few weeks about the trailer hitch.

Bear helped me make it down at his place in Joliet/rockdale. Eventually we will probably mod saddlebag attachments to it since the ones from honda are crap compared to anything we could build.
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I would like a trailer like this one but they are pretty costly and I don't want to pay $1000 plus for a trailer.

So I will probably go something similar to this.

24x30 would be fine. And then add wheels.
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I was thinking about the uphill angle and I know my hitch is a bit higher than it maybe should be but I was thinking about a goose-neck style extension from the trailer instead of straight out. I was basically using bicycle style trailers as a thought platform.

Sarnia. I think I can do a cached search to find the amount of posts you had.

I know mine were 5,000 + 9950 ish on the second user.


Sarnia somehow I found it.

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Here's a picture of the whole bike.

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Yeah I'm stay less at the minute but it won't be hard to add them. There are several options along with hitting up my welding buddy. I have more work that I want to do on the assembly.
Well I like what you have done so far looks very solid.

I did not notice your exhaust before.....2 into 1

Yes it is. The two into two didn't like me. It does make it really quick to drop the exhaust. The only thing I don't like is it leaves the left side a bit bare.
Hey blindstitch what kind of bags are those , I want some too!!
Hondaline for the CX. You will never find them. But if you do you won't like the price. We're talking $300 plus shipping for some in decent condition.
I have seen those kits and passed up an x-cargo last weekend for free.

I built one of the 4x8 trailers from harbor freight for my brother and it was surprisingly easy to put it together except for the 300 or so pounds and stuffing the two boxes in a geo prism.

It might be a pretty good idea if they run a sale.
I am but it seems like only the creative or odd titles get the replies.

But thanks for your concern.

Maybe once Charles gets all the old info back the Check your Hose thread will come back up.
I would probably do a wheel upgrade but many have said that their bearings suck.

But then again I think they are easily replaced.
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