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How big are your balls?

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After doing the trailer hitch for my bike I realized one thing I still needed was a nice shinny ball. Well I'm semi confused. I ended up just buying a 1 7/8 ball for the bike but is there really a reason for the different ball sizes? Not really talking about 3 inch but 1 7/8 and 2 inch is very close?

In the long run I figured $7 for a ball or two isn't as bad as the price of the attachment.
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Don, ball diameter is in direct corelation to trailer size/weight.

1 7/8" is what you require for your light load.

I did not notice chain stays on your hitch (yet?)

Required by law in alot of places.

Also for your trailer you can get a pivot on the tongue for lateral movement of the trailer, so it can move independently

from the bike on the longitudal axis. This is common on better quality motorcycle trailers. BTW the longer the trailer tonque the better the stability at speed, as opposed to being too short.

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Well I like what you have done so far looks very solid.

I did not notice your exhaust before.....2 into 1
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