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Hondaline Turn Signal Mounts

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A typo looking for a new set of headlight ears lead me to This Turning Signal Mount kit on ebay.

Basically, my front turning signals were welded onto the ear assembly because the PO was dimmer than a wet match thrown into a cave. So my left one just fell off today, and now it's just kinda stuck behind my fork emblem, looking very rednecky. So I was searching for the ears when I ran into these.

I have no idea where this kit mounts to. Admittedly, I'm very tired, and slightly I bet that tomorrow I'll wake up and figure it out. But any input would be great...if these could somehow work on the front, and let me keep the original look with the turning signals below the headlight, that'd be awesome. If not, I'll just have to try some JB weld or something and see what happens.

Edit as slightly more

I can't fathom what these go to...I honestly can't. Maybe it's a kit so the rear signals can work with a luggage rack or something? Such a mystery. Anyone who knows what these are for, speak up! I'm googling around and kind find anything.
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