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I think I've seen this somewhere but I can't remember but this looks like an easy make anyone know where you can buy the fittings for our holes?
I have one just like that one and it is garbage. It will suck the water out into the engine (no big deal as it removes the carbon). Also all those fittings are expensive. I am making another type with 4 jam jars. Drill 2 holes in each lid then place copper tubes into the holes (4" & 2"). The tubes are glued to the lid. The short tube hose goes to the intake while the long tube hose goes to the the other long tube in another jar. "T" fittings connect the long tubes between the jars. Fill the jars up half way with colored water (food coloring). If there is an imballance between the intakes the water will go to the lowest pressure side through the hoses but cannot be ingested into the engine through the short tubes.

This tool can be build with different components like fittings instead if tubes


Does not need 4" of plywood.

Extremely accurate

Cheap to build <$20
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