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Hi !

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Just a quick into post.

Just new on here but been a member of the UK CXGL club for a few years now.

Based in Ireland, have 2 x CX500's, 2 old BMW boxers and a relatively new (2009) Buell XB12XT.

Been playing with my profile and signature so hopefully they work !!


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Welcome Eric,

I was the only Irishman on here but it was short lived.
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Ireland.... Cool. I bet its a great place to ride. You gotta post some pictures!

I wonder what it would take to spend a couple weeks riding there?

Probably be more economical to get a bike there than to transport one from here (Tennessee).

And theres the risk of damage....... or should I say inevitability!!!

I'm dreaming............


Stray, play your cards right by sending me money and free parts over the next while and I will give you a bike for your trip ................
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1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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