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hey new guy in florida

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hey, ive been reading on this forum and decided to join on with a question about a 1982 gl500. my neighbor has on that is not in terrible shape but definitely needs to be restored. it cranks and has started but if you dont hold the throttle almost wide open it dies. i am sure that it is the carbs needing to be cleaned. the bike overall is not a horrible looking one and i do like the twisted engine look. so he is looking to sell it for 500 bucks and i don't think for around here for that bike it is too much? he said he will happily hold the title while i pay him a little each week to get it. so i guess im really asking is 500 to much? i will be doing all the repairs as i am pretty handy at building and rebuilding 4 wheelers. oh it has 17,000 miles and decent tires. thanks
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I think $500 is fair but try to bargain him down a bit. You can expect to spend a lot of time doing the carbs and all the normal seals that wear out just from time, not necessarily mileage.

Get some $100 and $50 bills then test the market after you've researched the FAQ threads and can talk the language associated with the bike.

You'll definitely need to go through the carbs and at the very least replace the mechanical seal and the shifter seal. There will of course be other things but you might be able to get the carbs working with a good dose of B-12 Chemtool or SeaFoam in the tank for a while to clean out all the old varnish.

New oil and filter is a must at first, probably a lot of condensated water in there.

Someone's usually here 24/7 to help out but in order for us to be of better service, if you buy it (I would) fill out the rest of your profle and include a small signature line.
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Yea, I remember one time you actually had snow down there.

Play with him with the cash in hand, worst case is you'll have to pay asking price.
Darn things are so rare around here I just paid the full $800 asking for a "rideable" 1979 CX500 Custom but lots of things still needed work. PO was a real a**hole so I just wanted to get the bike and ride it out of there. Tagged, new tires, title and it ran well but because of his mood I wasn't really willing to try and bargain with him as that's what I wanted, I was way out in the country and I just said to heck with it and forked the money over. He gave me a helmet that was two sizes two large to ride back with but I just added it to my collection now that I've got a new proper fitting one.
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