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A friend of mine at work dropped these on my desk yesterday. He used to work in a bike shop years ago and said he found these in a box in his garage.

Above is a provisional copy of the original '78 CX500 shop service manual, before the offical one came out. It is dated 1977 and is still in its original shrink wrap.

Above is an original '78 shop service manual, it still has the paper band on it.

Above is a service addendum for 1982. It is about 30 pages and has some nice info about the TI ignition the Custom got that year. It still has the original cover page stapled to it.

He also gave me a parts microfiche page for the '82 Custom, still sealed in its original envelope, and a service newsletter updating the '82 CX500 special tools list.

All in all not bad for free (well, it will probably cost me a few beers). I will probably go ahead and unseal what is sealed, when I do and when I get the time I will scan whats there into pdf if it is something not already available somewhere else.
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