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here ya guys go ! BRAND NEW CX500 TURBO !

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A 500 turbo for $25 thousand ? thats 15800 quid !!

Sorry, they aint that good and when I think of the bikes

I could buy for that...............................

If you use it, it will depreciate immediately and rapidly

to a realistic value, so you'd have to sit and worship it and

try not to think of the dough you burnt.

I could have bought a mint 650T for £2500 a year ago

Sounds like he's 'having a laugh' as we say.

Just calculated I could have bought my BMW K100RS 25 times for that money

and its a better bike too.

faster, stronger, reliable as hell. Easy to get parts for.

All the guys I know with turbos say they're fun to ride but bastards to own.
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1 - 1 of 27 Posts
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