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Okay, I ordered the headlight bracket and got it today. I put it on and it fits good and snug. Now the problem is how do I get a dome headlight housing unit for the headlight. I took some pics to help you guys see my problem.

Also, I had a fairing on the bike and I didn't like thats why I need the headlight bracket. Well.... I have A LOT!!! of extra wire that take up space (See on picture) How can I eliminate this problem?

Thanks, Randall Brooks

Note: Bike is dirty right now. Don't get mad at me =(


A bunch of wires that are getting on my nerves. Anyone got ideas? I'm about to just use a pair of scissors =)

Me holding the headlight where it should go.

Wires.. yay. NOT!

The headlight bracket.

1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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