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Have you seen these Saddlebags?

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I just bought a pair of saddlebags on craigslist because well I had to.

They are slightly damaged due to an awkward I want to say dropping of the bike but since it's the top corner of the saddlebags It doesn't seem plausible. More like someone dropped something heavy on the.

But even though it is cracked on the top corner it isn't all the way through and easily fixable. The icing on the cake is that they are double walled. They are obviously all fiberglass. The bolt holes are a bit different than the honda line ones I have and the guy I got them from said that the guy he bought them from said that the guy he bought them off of said they might have been from a kawasaki. So really they could be from anything. I checked them over and I cant find any tags, markings, stamps or anything. I'm almost thinking of putting them on my bike.

They are just a hair wider, 1/2 inch shorter and the tail end is 6 inches or so longer than stock. But they seem to line up with the fender pretty nice.

Or maybe someone out there could use them on a chopped beer run bike with bags. But can anyone identify them?

Almost seems like the same latch the KG trunk I gave away had.

And they have lights in them that work.

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Wow, wish I could found them.
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