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I'm starting this so I can post questions and answers about my trailer so I don't have to type them out more than once!!

Here's some pictures. Trailer/

Here's my first reply to questions from Greg.

greghoro has sent you this email


Thanks for posting this.

I wanted to do the same thing with the HF trailer I purchased and faced the same

problem you did with the length being too short.

Where did you acquire the stock to lengthen it? From what I can ascertain, the

front and rear extensions are bolted on and not welded. Did you just move the

existing tongue forward or is that a new, longer piece?

Did you purchase or fabricate the wheel channel? I really like the way it is


Finally, what are you using for a ramp and where is it stored when you are




We had a piece of 2x3 (just going from memory, may not be exact) tubing that I welded on the back end of the original tongue. That way, all the holes still lined up. I was worried about the strength of that HF tongue since it was so much longer, so I took a piece of 1 5/8" holey unistrut(the unistrut was just a little to big to fit inside the tongue, so I took a cut-off wheel on a Metabo and cut the curled portion of the unistrut off on both sides the full length) and slid it inside of the tongue clear back to where it met the 2x3 piece. It was then bolted a few places through the top and also where the coupler bolted on.

For the additions on the front and back, I took 2x2 x3/16" angle and made frame the same width as the trailer and bolted them on. The front piece I welded a tab the the frame and bolted it through the tongue. In the rear, I was concerned about bending the 18" extension down so I took 2 more pieces of unistrut and tied them into the main trailer frame. I figured those, along with the 5/4 board would strengthen it up enough.

As far as the wheel ramp, I did some figuring using the widths of the boards and how big I wanted my spacing and then started from the outside and worked my way in. I used the rear tire from my Kawasaki LTD 700 as a guide as to how wide to make the channel. Turns out, If I ever redo it, I'll make the channel quite a bit wider because it seems all the bikes I've hauled the channel is too narrow and the bike wants to lean one way or another.

I didn't have a ramp for the two blue CX's I brought home and it was a real pain to try to lift the front wheel on the trailer, even though it is really low. The day I went to get my CX650, I quickly made a piece out of 16ga galvanized sheet metal and bolted it to a 2x10. I really didn't think it would be strong enough, but it has held up even with the Gold Wing! If you look at the one picture of the Gold Wing on the trailer, you'll see the ramp, my friend is holding it up. I just throw it in the back of the Tahoe when I need it. I'm sure there is a way to make a better one and even find a place to mount it on the trailer somewhere, I just never got that far.

If you have any more questions, or want some dimensions let me know and i'll give you my phone number. This typing stuff is really slow


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I agree. I actually put mine on Craigslist for a week or so to see if I could sell it and buy the bigger takers.

The Gold Wingers are buying these and cutting a few inches out of the middle, removing one of the springs and mounting car top carriers on them to pull behind their bikes.

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