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happy holidays

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All the best to all of you, a healthy and joyfull life.

And thanks again to all of you keeping this important forum well and alive, it helps me in many ways.
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No doubt there's a ton of thanks that need to go to Charles and the person(s) (can't recall the name(s)) that helped get us moved over to this new location. While it does tend to get congested between around noon - 1 PM Central time it works well and had we lost this a ton of knowledge and knowledgeable members would also have disappeared. Kudos also goes to Don for saving the website stuff and going to all the trouble to keep it available for all of us. Others also have backups of the site so we should be good as far as saving all that collected information.

Happy Holidays to all! May the wind always be from the back and and the traffic starting to give us more respect.

Somehow, somewhere, I've got to get some sort of campaign out not only to educate as many automotive drivers as I can but also to get them to put their darn cell phones down when they drive. It wasn't so bad when I had straight pipes on - you could hear me from blocks away - but now that the exhaust's back to stock it will again become a problem no matter how many extra little super bright marker LEDs I hide here and there on the frame and associated. I don't want to go overboard nor do I want a wiring mess so it will just be a matter of time getting them into places where I feel they're the most effective when viewed from a distance.
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I can't recall but I do know that a lot of work went into both projects. I would have tried to help but as you've been through in your brief encounter my health wasn't very good at the time and I've still got a long ways to go. I'm also a terrible software engineer, I'm in it on the hardware side of things.
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